The All-in-One Foot Guard that Keeps You Off Your Toes

Complete foot and knee support that prevents injury on construction projects.

Spending the day on your hands and knees takes a toll.

Not Anymore!

Fallout alleviates pressure letting you glide through projects with less discomfort.

Industrial Engineered Design

Toe Pressure Guard - Shin Support - Kneepad

Toe guard

Takes pressure off your toes by elevating your feet up off the floor.

Shin support

Holds the foot in elevated position

Knee pad

Cushions and protects while conforming to the knee.

Heavy Duty Material

L shaped Metatarsal channel made from heavy metal securely holds all 3 components in place.

Heavy duty industrial foam padding in the shin support and knee pad.

Light Weight

Weighs 5.77 lbs. per side

Ease of Movement

Easily walk around and work on any surface


Adjusts for various leg lenghts and shoe or boot sizes.

Protects clothings

Reduces wear and tear on pants and shoes or boots.

Comfort & Safety


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